10 Life Lessons in Aging Gratefully

aging gracefully

The month of May has become a month of reflection for me. Some people take stock of their lives and make resolutions for the new calendar year. I do my review in the month of May because it is my birthday month.

Sometimes it is just a year’s review, sometimes a decade, but this year I am at the 9th year of my 5th decade. A lot of people may have difficulty with adding another number to their age. As for me, I am grateful, for I know too many that no longer have that privilege.

The past 20 years have been filled with tremendous change. I returned to school later in life and got my degree and opened my Holistic Health practice. 6 months into this new career, I received a phone call late one night from my parents’ neighbor and was informed that both parents had been taken to the hospital on the same night. I then became a caregiver to them both for 8 blessed years.

There is no greater blessing to me than to have been able to care for them for the time that I did. Because of those circumstances, I relocated my physical office 3 times to make it easier to go back and forth between home and work tending to their needs. After their passing, I was kept busy with selling their home, making a decision to close my physical office and capitalizing on current technology by working from home, renovating my home and selling it, and moving to a new area. Whew! In this time, sadly, I not only lost my parents but also friends and other family members to the Grim Reaper. And sadly, I have also lost other friendships for various reasons.

On the positive side, I now live at the beach, a place that has always been very healing for me. I have written and published a book that became a best seller. I have had the opportunity to be a positive and healing influence in the lives of hundreds of clients that I have helped. And I have been blessed to strengthen and grow my posse, my inner circle, with the most caring, giving, compassionate, and loving souls anyone could ever hope for in this life.
Along this journey, I have learned some very important Life’s Lessons and the benefits of aging gratefully.

  1. I have less control over life’s events and circumstances than I thought.
  2. I have more control over life’s events and circumstances than I thought.
  3. I value and appreciate relationships with those I love in any “here and now moments” I get to share with them.
  4. I am at peace with any people who chose to exit my life for I know it no longer serves our mutual higher good.
  5. Some days, there are no good answers to any situation, just the best answer for those circumstances on that given day.
  6. I wish I had read “The Four Agreements” as a young teenager.
  7. When making major decisions in life, my INTUITION has always served me better, or yielded more beneficial results, than my thoughts or practical intellect.
  8. Love, respect and honor others unless or until they behave in ways that do not deserve it. Then I will do all within my power to defend and protect myself or my loved ones from them.
  9. Stress less about trying to copy or mimic others, just focus on being the best YOU that you can be.
  10. Above all, AGE GRATEFULLY.

Be grateful for ALL your years, experiences, opportunities, and all the people and love a life well-lived and well-shared brings.

As always, I wish you health and living your best life.

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Julia Scalise, DN, PhD is a Holistic Health Practitioner and author of the #1 Bestseller “Do One Thing Feel Better/ Live Better”. She is an expert in compassionately helping hundreds of clients eliminate underlying causes of health issues, discover ways to improve emotional well being, attain a more positive outlook on life and find their bliss. In practice over 16 years, she is a board-certified member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, American Association of Nutritional Consultants, American Holistic Health Association and a Physiological Regulating Medicine Practitioner. Learn more about Julia, http://www.juliascalise.com

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