11 Things That Tells You When He’s Mr. Right

Mr. Right

Last month’s blog was titled How to Get Good Divorce Advice during and after your divorce. It’s a feeling you have. It’s a relationship that develops. If you’re lucky, Mr. Right can appear in other areas of life too. Recently a client of mine called to report she had met a great guy! She babbled on and on about their chance encounter, the instant attraction, and the chemistry experienced on their first date. I was overjoyed as she relayed every detail of the story. I couldn’t help but smile and remember the tough times she had experienced before, during and after her divorce. It made the serendipitous meeting even more joyful.

So I asked her what she liked about him. I asked her how she “knew”. It’s challenging to “know” a Keeper when you meet one, regardless of your age, as she was quick to point out. With age, the “baggage” becomes an enormous hockey bag or trunk like with its rigidity and inflexibility. So together we crafted a list of how you know when you’ve met Mr. Right:

• It’s easy. Everything about it is easy. It doesn’t cause additional stress in your life.
• You want him to know everything about you. You tell your life’s stories, the good and the bad.
• You’re happy to introduce him to your family and friends and he’s honored to meet your top 5!
• When you part, your only thoughts are on when you’ll be together again.
• When you get off the phone with him, you think of three more IMPORTANT things you forgot to tell him.
• You feel like you’ve known each other forever, in a good way.
• You talk about a future even when you know it’s way too early.
• You feel blessed that he’s in your life and blessed is a word that you don’t often use.
• The world seems to be a happier place and things look, feel, and sound better than you remember.
• Your friends tire quickly hearing you gush so you find yourself oversharing with strangers and watch as they nod and smile.
• You know because you don’t remember ever feeling like this…and that’s a good thing.

I reminded her to love every second of this! She deserves it and he’s a very lucky guy! Who know’s maybe in the New Year you will meet Mr. Right if you want one!  Happy New Year!

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