3 Detox Tips for Health


Spring is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. There are 3 key areas to consider to capitalize on a time of year when your motivation may be a little higher to accomplish your goals.

After a long winter, possibly low on exercise and high on processed and carb laden comfort foods, you may be feeling a bit sluggish. If you want to feel rejuvenated, improve your energy, and feel more comfortable in your body when wearing less clothing layers, consider cleaning up your internal environment.

Start by incorporating fresh food for packaged food. Carb laden, processed snacks can be replaced with nutritionally dense vegetables, raw nuts, or small servings of fruit. You may also consider a true detox using products available in health food stores. I incorporate detoxifications for my clients regularly. Of course they are target specific, based on their issues and health status. But if you have knowledgeable practitioners on your health care team, have them guide you on what is best for you. Or if you choose to do this on your own, research what is safe, effective and not contraindicated for you based on any health conditions or medications. You can go from feeling fatigued to fantastic in a short period of time just by detoxing your internal environment.

Look around your external environment.Are you feeling almost buried by the clutter around you? Does it take you longer to move your surface decorations than it actually takes to clean a room? Are your closets so full that it is impossible to find room for the clutter or the new clothes or household items you received during the holiday season?

Does looking at the mess that surrounds you on a daily basis create anxiety and exhaustion before you even begin? Some easy ways to get started is to pick one closet or storage area. As you start to change closets for the season, keep a box available for any clothing article that you know you, or no one in your household, will ever wear. It can be because of size, wear, stains or any reason. If it is not serviceable, you know- throw it away. However, if still serviceable but not for you, consider making donations to homeless shelters or find a market to sell it.

Likewise, linen closets are usually full of excesses of sheets, pillowcases, towels, and blankets that you may never use. Animal shelters can always use these items and are grateful to receive them. Do you have coats that someone can use to keep warm for next winter? Again, consider going room by room, closet by closet, storage area by storage area and collecting anything that you choose to donate or sell and do so. Then with all the room you acquire in storage areas, get some of that clutter put away. Add to this using environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products and you will be amazed how much better you can start to feel quickly. The free time you get from less struggle to keep up with household chores can start to alleviate the anxiety and feelings of overwhelmed exhaustion. Use the bonus time to get out and about enjoying the fresh air and your life.

Were the holidays yet another year of rehashing toxic relationship dynamics? Are there relationships that drain you? Most of us know how difficult it is to extract yourself from a toxic relationship if there are familial ties, or work ties, or with a person in a select group of friends. But when you sit back and think about it, if your best friend were in your situation, what advice would you give her/him?

First, if you can sever all ties to this person, do so. If not, consider any and all ways available to you to avoid this person throughout the year. If it is a work relationship, is it time to consider looking for a new company or to request to be reassigned in your current place of employment? Detoxing from relationships that are abusive, draining, or anxiety producing may not be easy, but when you know that you are doing this for your own health and well-being, it may make it easier to start the process.

Detoxifications, whether internal, environmental, or relationship dynamic are all beneficial to your health. Let go of what no longer best serves you and make the changes necessary for one reason and one reason only- YOU ARE WORTHY OF LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE.

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