3 Tips for Addressing Chronic or Frequent Urinary Tract Irritation

Urinary Tract Irritation

If you or anyone you know has suffered with a urinary tract infection, then you are aware that burning, urgency, frequency, and irritation are often complaints experienced. However, similar complaints are experienced with urinary tract IRRITATION when no infection is present.
If you have a true bacterial infection, you should work with your healthcare team to address the infection, whether you choose to use prescription antibiotics, herbal antibiotics, or other recommendations offered by your knowledgeable practitioners.
But if the complaints are not due to a bacterial infection, sometimes those medications or herbals, or other nutritionals used (i.e. cranberry capsules or juice, D-Mannose, etc.) won’t make the problem go away or stay away for long.
In my 20 years of practice, I have often heard of these specific complaints of many years duration and frequency disappear when other issues are addressed that were the actual UNDERLYING CAUSES.

  • Candida and Yeast Overgrowth: Not many people know that this can be an underlying cause of a chronic urinary tract irritation in both men and women. It is documented that Candida and Yeast Overgrowth can contribute to urethritis, prostatitis, and bladder and urethral irritation and inflammation. Once this issue is addressed, many clients report alleviation and often complete elimination of their complaints. There is a self-test on my website to see if you may have an issue. I utilize a specific protocol and diet for a specific period of time and educate my clients to reduce the recurrence of imbalance for the future. If you choose to take the test- scores over 60 for women and over 40 for men are indicative of a problem. If your score is indicative that this can be an issue for you, work with your healthcare team to address it, or feel free to contact me to become a client. www.JuliaScalise.com
  • Food Sensitivities: If you suffer from frequent urinary tract irritations, you may have been told to eliminate certain foods and increase the intake of other foods. Having followed those instructions, sometimes the issue still does not resolve. That may be because you are unaware of other food sensitivities that can be creating chronic inflammation to YOUR SYSTEM and irritating many tissues, joints, and other organs. Another service I offer is Alcat Food Sensitivity Testing. Once more, over many years in my practice, clients report alleviation of this chronic issue once they are on an anti-inflammatory diet unique to them. So if you find that following the dietary protocols you use are not sufficient, you may wish to explore this testing through your healthcare team or through working with me.
  • Hormonal: As we age, or during a women’s monthly menstrual cycle, hormones fluctuate. It is known that hormones definitely affect a multitude of actions but many don’t know that hormones affect tissue integrity. Common complaints of menstruating, peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women are a recurrence of urinary tract infections and irritations, urinary frequency and urgency. A great herb that has shown to be very successful if hormonal imbalance is the underlying cause is Chaste Tree. Chaste Tree is an amphoteric herb, meaning that it works to balance Estrogen and Progesterone indirectly through the Pituitary Gland. Therefore it is not an herb that directly increases one or the other hormone but lets the body make the necessary adjustment through the Pituitary Gland to balance these hormones. If you have tried everything to date to help with chronic urinary tract irritation, and if not contraindicated for you either due to allergy, health issue, or other medications, then this can be a consideration. Always work with your knowledgeable healthcare team and always purchase herbs that are known for their efficacy and purity.

Wishing you health, alleviation of this annoying and common complaint, and living your best life.

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