3 Tips to Improve Your New Years Resolutions Success

new years resolutions

Most people tend to make new years resolutions to improve their lives more at the start of a new year than any other time. However, statistics show that although annually a substantial number of people make resolutions, by year’s end, not many have been successful.

The top 10 resolutions for 2014 were:

Rank Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Getting Organized
  3. Spend Less,
  4. Save More
  5. Enjoy Life to the Fullest
  6. Staying Fit andHealthy
  7. Learn Something New
  8. Quit Smoking
  9. Help Others in their Dreams
  10. Fall in Love
  11. Spend more time with Family

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I am sure many of us can pick more than one of the above that we vowed to do in 2014. Yet, I’m sure many of us have not kept our promise to ourselves. But our success rate may be improved for 2015 if we keep the following 3 tips in mind.

  1. Pick one resolution only. Trying to do more than one thing in an already overwhelmed life may be contributing to lack of success. For instance, if you want to lose weight and be fit and healthy, dieting AND exercise may be too difficult to maintain past the first few weeks. Yet, if your goal is to lose weight and be fit and healthy, dieting alone or exercising alone will be a step in the right direction. Make one lifestyle change a habit and add others in at a later time.
  2. Be realistic. Set smaller and easier to achieve goals. Feeling less overwhelmed before you start can also add to improved success. Results, even if only small or slightly improved in any area, are great motivators to continue. For instance, if you intend to have less clutter and be more organized yet you are overwhelmed by the prospect of clearing out an attic, basement, and house, then commit to organizing only ONE area of your residence in 2015. Whether you choose an attic, a garage, your closets, or home work space, decide to work on only one area till it is finished to your satisfaction, even if it takes all year to do so.
  3. Don’t self-sabotage. If you are trying to lose weight and tend to consume extra calories with alcohol or dessert when dining out, then go to restaurants that are BYOB (just don’t take any with you) and avoid restaurants known for their rich sauces or extravagant dessert menu. If you are trying to curb unnecessary spending, then when going shopping, research online an approximate cost of an item you intend to purchase. Leave the credit cards or debit card in the car and only take cash with you into the mall to avoid impulse purchases. Being proactive to avoid failure increases your chance for ongoing success.

Since most resolutions involve changing unhealthy lifestyle habits, the simpler and more realistic you make the goal, the more apt you will be to succeed. Find people to share the challenge with you, or at least to help you avoid self-sabotage. Lifestyle changes for improvement, no matter the area of life, should be as enjoyable and easy a process as possible. As you look back on the year, celebrate the changes you have made and your successes, and then use these tips in 2016 to achieve your next resolution.

Wishing you health and living your best life.

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