4 Health Tips for Cold and Flu Season

flu season

We all know that practicing good hygiene, keeping properly hydrated, maintaining good nutrition and adequate rest are all important tips for health during cold and flu season.  Yet, even in the best of times, with all of these practices, some people will still get sick.  Add into your mix the emotional stress of any life changing transitions and your chance for illness increases.

Stress depletes the immune system.  Therefore, the best defense for staying well is a strong offense.  In other words, be proactive in doing your best to prevent any illness before it starts.

As long as you do not have a health condition or take a medication that is contraindicated for the following tips, you may wish to consider preparing for the onset of cold and flu season as early as October. If you are not sure whether any of these tips are inappropriate for you, always check with your medical practitioners or healthcare team.


  1. Stress depletes Vitamins B and C. Therefore a good quality B complex vitamin and Vitamin C are beneficial.   Some brands even have these two vitamins in a combination form such as NOW brand B-50 which contains both vitamin B and C.
  2. Vitamin D- 2000 IU a day.   A good brand is Carlson D Drops.  Take vitamin D with food as it is a fat soluble vitamin and better absorbed with food.  (Some of you may need higher amounts of Vitamin D support. Your medical team can test your levels and give the best advice. Just take a good quality, non-synthetic form of D3, in amounts recommended for you if you have been tested).
  3. Herbal support:  Echinacea, Cat’s Claw, Astragalus- three basic immune supporting herbs. Each will help with immune support.  Just note that Astragalus should never be used if a fever is present.   Picking one herb and using it throughout the season, or rotating two or all three may work for you.  I prefer MediHerb brand but if you do not have access to this brand, NOW brand also has high quality herbal supplements.
  4. Guna Flu- a specific anti-flu product that can be used 1 vial a week for six weeks for flu prevention or according to label directions if you should get the flu.

I and many of my clients utilize such a program annually for cold and flu prevention.  You may require more support, based on your health and stress status. However, it is a good foundational program and worth considering if not contraindicated, whether you are dealing with added transitional stress or not.

Wishing you health and living your best life.

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