4 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Every Day

valentines day

There is one thing that will grow any relationship – good communication. Communication isn’t a one-way street and entails active listening too, not just talking. If you find that your evening routine consists of taking turns venting about work during dinnertime, it’s time for a “Valentine’s day challenge.” Consider these three suggestions for a healthier relationship:

1. Give 100% in a relationship: 

After a long day at work, I know it’s hard to switch off the work stress the second you walk in the door. Work stress is a huge part of our culture and inevitably bleeds into our personal life. So how should you deal with it? Make a conscious effort to actively listen to your significant other. A big issue at our jobs is that coworkers, bosses, and clients never listen to you. So you spend all day being ignored. By the time you get home, you only want to be heard – your time to vent. BUT, remember that your significant other might be feeling the exact same need to be listened to as well. So instead, try this: Consider keeping tight-lipped at home when it comes to work, and let your significant other vent this time. Be patient and truly listen to them. In every relationship, the key is to always think about the other person. Not simply you, you, you. Give 100% to them. If everyone’s goal is to give 100% in their relationship, then hopefully, the other person will keep this in mind and reciprocate 100% too!

2. Appreciate each other, and remember to say it too: 

Make it a point to compliment your significant other at least once a day. All day long, we often are scrutinized and micromanaged with others focusing on things we did wrong, not being rewarded for all the things we did right. Even if you can’t help but let your significant other know they made a mistake, just be careful in how you do it. Just remember to compliment later.

4. Laugh often:

Laughter’s proven time and again to heal us, even in relationships. Studies reveal that those who have a strong sense of humor are less likely to experience burnout and depression and they are more likely to enjoy life in general — including their marriage. Communicating that ends in a good belly laugh is awesome.

Your relationship will thrive if your follow these tips on a daily basis, turning a Valentine’s day commitment into a daily routine. Remember, we may be “married” to our jobs, but if you focus on your loved ones and not just work stress, that’s a step in the right direction for a long and healthy relationship. So from here on until at least Feb 14, focus on giving 100% to your loved one. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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