5 Fitness Apps to Help You Towards Better Health

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Does the approach of Fall have you in a workout slump? Admittedly, it’s hard to stay motivated when your bikinis, short-shorts, crop tops and tanks are all neatly folded in the back of your closet and you’re back to your regular work, school, sweater routine. The “Fall Workout Slump” happens to even the best (most diligent, fitness-obsessed) of us but that doesn’t mean we have to take it lying down. Here are 5 quick and easy fitness hacks grounded in science and our favorite corresponding apps that will lift you out of the Fall Slump and put you back on track in no time!

1. Set Specific Goals for Yourself

App Pick: Coach.me

According to a Harvard Business Review article and supporting research, setting very specific goals is one of the 9 go-to secrets of uber successful people. Your health is an awesome and easy place to implement this strategy. From food choices to sleep patterns to exercise goals, go the extra mile and get specific with yourself. Do you want to sleep more? How much more, exactly? Do you want to stay more hydrated? How many glasses of water a day do you want to commit to? Need a little extra help to start to implement specific health-related goals? Coach.me will get you squared away in three easy steps and will monitor your progress towards achieving your goals.

2. Make It Social

App Pick: BurnThis

Industry research suggests that those who share photos of their workouts and progress are 5 times more likely to stay on track with their goals. Thanks to technology, you now have the choice of making your sweat social in person or in the comfort of your own home. Looking for an in-person connection? The rapid rise of popular boutique fitness classes means that you can find a cool community vibe while getting your sweat on doing anything from yoga to boxing. Looking for a connection that costs less than a pricey studio class? With health & fitness apps on the rise, you can also tap into a digital fitness community from anywhere in the world! Want to take social sweat to a whole new level? Try sharing fitness photos on the BurnThis app, an incredibly supportive fitness community that inspires and motivates you to be your healthiest self!

3. Focus on Finding Happiness

App Pick: Happify

Harness the power of positive energy! With the recent increase of meditation and positivity apps, there is a renewed focus on research that says that we can train our brains and build skills for lasting happiness. And with Forbes pointing out that greater happiness leads to higher productivity, making the effort to put a smile on your face will help you fit in more time for fitness. If happiness sometimes proves elusive to you (as it does to us), check out Happify – the app that actually shows you how to train your brain to be happy through easy to follow guided mental exercises.

4. Try a Challange

App Pick: MapMyFitness

Fitness challenges are one of the hottest trends in health and wellness right now. Why? Because they help give you a focal point for success. We found that 30% of fitness enthusiasts who have ever started a fitness challenge have completed them. Both in terms of time and discipline, there is something out there for everyone. Are you a beginner? Try a 7-Day Challenge to get your feet wet. Committed to toning one specific body part? Find a 30-Day Challenge that provides a concentrated focus over a habit-forming period of time. There are plenty of “challenge-based” apps in the market, but one of our favorites is MapMyFitness, which launches themed challenges complete with leaderboards and prizes.

5. Take Advantage of Technology

App Pick: Fitbit

The staggering rise of activity tracking has probably been the single most meaningful shift in the fitness industry over the past 5 years. Why should you consider tracking your activities? Because it’s like having a personal accountability coach in your pocket; you can easily store and search your results and measure your progress over time. Seeing improvements is a sure-fire way to increase your motivation to continue working hard! One of our favorites is Fitbit, which focuses on counting “steps” (10,000 is the recommended daily goal for most people).

This article was written by Anna Kohanski Mason and Monica Johnson and was originally published on MariaShriver.com

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