5 Natural Remedies to Fight Cold & Flu

cold season natural remedies

I’m still waiting for the magic bullet to cure the common cold. But until that happens, here are my top natural remedies to fight off those symptoms.

For a nagging cough, try honey.
The darker the honey, the better the effect. Buckwheat honey is darker and contains more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help fight an infection and has been proven to lower the frequency and intensity of a cough. There are many over-the-counter honey cough syrups available for kids. For safety reasons, avoid honey in kids less than a year old.

For that runny nose and sinus congestion, just neti pot it.
A neti pot is great for those with a congested or even runny nose. Studies show that yes, shooting water up the nose with nasal saline irrigation via a Neti Pots or saline spray, is an effective cold and flu remedy. It thins the mucus, decreases postnasal drip, and most importantly adds moisture to dried out mucous membranes.

Strengthen your immune system:

Vitamin D: We get Vitamin D from sunlight, but even those in sunny climates can still be deficient because Vitamin D needs to get converted to an active form, Vitamin D3, and some folks just don’t convert. Research has confirmed that catching colds may actually be a symptom of an underlying vitamin D deficiency. Low vitamin D levels significantly impair your immune response making you more susceptible to catching colds. Most people end up needing 2,000 IU of D3 daily. Sometimes more. I recommend getting your D levels checked to see how low you are.

Elderberry: Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra) herbal extract has been shown in research to support the immune function during colds and flu. The bioactive components of elderberry extract include unique anthocyanins and flavonoids shown to promote optimal immune health. There are over-the-counter kids versions too!

Diet makes a difference: Sugar and artificial sweeteners like Splenda and Aspartame, have been shown to suppress white blood cell activity. Plus, when you’re sick, you tend not to crave sweets, which is a good thing. Focus on simple meals with plenty of electrolytes and nutrients like soup broths like Vietnamese Pho or chicken noodle soup that also help to lower inflammation!

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