What to Do When Aging Parents Won’t Listen

aging parents

If you’re like me, a part of the baby boomer generation, you are finding that role reversal between you and your aging parents is happening. More and more often I have found myself scratching my head and wondering why my mother has made the decisions she has.

In my opinion these decisions have not always been the best or safest decision for she and my Dad but I have had to stand by and watch the decisions play out, for better or for worse.  Sometimes I’ve held my breath praying it would all turn out for the best, Sometimes it did, but sometimes it ended up in pretty difficult situations.

Recently, I was interviewed for this article that published at A Place for Mom. I hope if you are dealing with aging parents it will provide you with some support and some good advice from those of us who are either there, or have been there.

“Our parents always told us to listen to them, but what happens when they refuse to listen to us? Adult children are finding that Father doesn’t always know best when it comes to his driving, diet, housing, caregiving, health, medication or other important issues”. Learn more about what to do when your parents aren’t listening to you by reading 8 Expert Tips for When Aging Parents Won’t Listen.

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