Autism Awareness, ” Just 2 Moms” Make a Difference

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In honor of World Autism Awareness Day we are welcoming NEW Expert Contributors Debbie Schmidt & Christy Carlson, Co-Founders of Just2Moms.  Watch as Roseann Vanella, Publisher of interviews Debbie & Christy while they share their stories of being Moms to kids on the Autism Spectrum. They joined forces to create this wonderful non profit organization that educates kids, parents, teachers and professionals on autism.  They are truly an inspiration and will contribute regularly through video blogging. Their passion and sense of humor will be sure to inspire you, touch your heart and make you smile.

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About Christy Carlson & Debbie Schmidt

Christy Carlson and Debbie Schmidt, are not only great friends, but are both moms of Autistic boys. Together they founded the Autism awareness and acceptance non-profit, Just 2 Moms. They provide education and awareness about Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD). Their assembly program combines personal stories, a home-made DVD and interactives engaging the audience with a clear understanding of the strengths and challenges a person with Autism might have. Since 2007, the two have been presenting these programs in NJ, PA, DE and NY to schools, civic organizations, businesses, parent groups, churches and synagogues. Debbie is also the facilitator of the Camden/Burlington County Chapter of ASPEN (Asperger Autism Spectrum Education Network)

8 thoughts on “Autism Awareness, ” Just 2 Moms” Make a Difference

  1. Carmela DeNicola

    I recently heard on the news that 1 in 68 children in the nation will be born on the autism spectrum. The state of New Jersey reported the highest ratio of births with autism at 1 in 57 (the number was in the 50’s). These 2 Moms are much more than Just 2 Moms. Each with a child on the autism spectrum, they formed a bond to create educational programs about autism. With the spectrum of autism being so far and wide reaching, it’s hard enough for the people’s whose lives it touches directly to understand it all. People are afraid of what they don’t understand and these 2 Moms have created wonderful educational programs for schools, churches, etc to bring this information to the forefront. Our world is a world of diversity, the first step in accepting diversity is understanding it. Not Just 2 Moms, but Extraordinary 2 Moms!

    Acceptance begins with understanding

    • Debbie Schmidt


      First off, THANK YOU for your kind words in seeing what Christy and I do with Just 2 Moms!! We both truly appreciate that!
      You “hit the nail on the head”– it’s true that when people don’t understand something, they tend to have greater fears regarding that when confronted (whatever that may be!)
      We have been fortunate since our beginning, through word of mouth and plenty of Google Searches, that people have found us to that we can provide our Just 2 Moms assemblies to their schools and groups!!
      We are blessed with what we do and we wear our Just 2 Moms T-Shirts with pride, giving hope to those who listen to our stories.

  2. Linda Burns

    You two are two amazing women and I am so thankful that we’ve connected. I just spoke at our middle school yesterday and I am going to reach out to them to have the two of you visit! I applaud the work you’re doing to help educate and foster understanding and acceptance! xoxo!

    • Debbie Schmidt

      Thank you, Linda!! We feel the same about you and what you are doing!! YOU ROCK!! Keep up the great work in creating awareness too! We’re on the same journey together~

  3. Caroline Pisaniello

    What a great idea. As a parent of an autistic son I applaud Just2Moms for their creativity and taking action!

  4. Jackie Pantaliano

    I am so proud that Debbie and Christy are representing the needs of the autism community and impacting all of us through their educational advocacy efforts. As the mom of a son on the spectrum I know just how invaluable their work is in preventing bullying and promoting understanding.

    • Debbie Schmidt

      Thank you, Jackie! I’ve learned from the best along the way (YOU!) and I’m so happy that you were there at the beginning of our little non-profit seeing it all unfold. We never imagined doing what we do — just like what you’ve taken on for your son! You just DO IT!
      I’m glad that you mentioned bullying because we have seen first-hand positives from schools that let us know how important that piece is to our Just 2 Moms assembly. And, when we are fortunate to speak to younger students, (elementary age) we get the opportunity to teach them to not only be sensitive our our kids on the Spectrum, but also we take away their fear by educating them. Win = win!


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