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breast cancer

Most of us know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Yet despite all the campaigns, fund raisers for research for diagnostics, earlier detection, and treatments, breast cancer and other hormone driven cancers still are prevalent in our society.

Last year, I contributed an article stating the importance of toxin elimination, support for liver health, and testing to make sure adequate levels of Vitamin D and Iodine are present. I still stand by that article and feel those factors are as important today as they were then and will continue to be important.

I now add a few more ways to improve upon your breast cancer prevention program, along with improving prevention potential of other types of cancer.

Walking:  It sounds simple to just add a consistent walking program to your lifestyle for cancer prevention. But when you consider that walking is one of the best activities to prevent insulin resistance and combat obesity, and that obesity and insulin resistance are contributory to not only breast cancer, but other cancers as well, then making the choice to do this daily or regularly is an important decision to add to any cancer prevention program. It doesn’t matter if you are indoors or outdoors, walking on a trail, a treadmill, or around your home / dining table, try to get a minimum of 30 minutes walking in daily.  If you can do more, then by all means do so. But commit to 30 minutes as many days a week as you can manage.
Chronic Inflammation:  Many studies continue to state the effects of chronic inflammation as contributing to most diseases and cancer is one of them.  Chronic inflammation can be caused by pathogens, chronic infections, environmental and chemical toxins, and even the foods we eat.  Work with your healthcare team to determine any underlying causes of chronic inflammation for you.  Holistic Practitioners or Functional Medicine practitioners can help you sort through your unique causes and work with you to address them through targeted specific detoxifications, specific protocols and support for chronic infections, and testing for food sensitivities so that you can incorporate an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan best suited to your physiology and genetics.
Stress Management:  Stress is rampant in everyone’s life.  It is inevitable that we will encounter situations and circumstances that will cause stress. The way to counter balance the negative impact of emotional stressors, and thereby keep our nervous systems and immune systems healthy, is to incorporate stress management techniques and therapies whenever, wherever, and how ever possible.  What works for each person differs.  But first know that you will need to have a game plan to quiet down your reaction to the stress that will surely come.  And within that game plan, you should have workable options for you that brings calm and peace. Prayer or Meditation, Yoga, Exercise, Massage Therapy, Laughter, Dancing, Music, Creative Arts such as painting, writing, journaling, Crafts, Cooking / Baking, and the endless list, which I reiterate brings  PEACE AND CALM to YOU, should be implemented and used regularly.
In my years in practice working with clients, and making suggestions for health and wellness to improve their current status as well as prevent future problems, time and again, I hear from clients years down the road who say they wished they had done what was possible to prevent a health issue.  It is always easier to “stop or prevent” health decline, more often than not, than it is to “treat’ an issue once it has manifested.  I often say it’s easier to keep the horse in the barn than try to catch it once it has escaped. So, review my article from last year, consider these added tips, and do the best you can with what you can control and do on a regular basis to prevent breast or any other type of cancer.

Wishing you health, the support you need if battling cancer, and living your best life.

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