Cancer Diagnosis? Listen to Everyone, Follow No One

cancer diagnosis

Being on the receiving side of physician delivered news of that one’s body holds some type of cancer, momentarily freezes the emotions and mind.

The news changes most assumptions and plans for a person.   Suddenly life’s givens are no longer so and all areas and relationships in life, including our self-understanding, are up for review.

The greater the sense of autonomy, initiative, and sense of responsibility for others, the greater the surprise to suddenly find that cancer cure treatments have taken over as executive of our life.

Gradually you will develop a new perspective on your life and relationships’ meaning and priorities which incorporates having been diagnosed with a disease. During this transformative phase, one of the short term questions is how to handle well meaning advice from acquaintances, friends, colleagues, and family.

Give yourself complete freedom to turn closer or away from the suggestions, stories or advice which does or does not contribute to your sense of peace, confidence, emotionally validated and supported. You are the only one who knows how you feel.  Someone’s good intentions are no guarantee that you feel better by making use of their advice.

Accepting another person’s good intentions does not include following what the person tells you. Appreciate the value of the good intention and discard the suggestions which feel out of place with who you are, basically.   Only good will come by accepting someone’s honest love for you.  Following advice which feels wrong, will most likely start problems for you.

Your body is trying to rid itself of foreign cells taking over it.   Help your body practice to establish its purity and true foundation by accepting the love, and not necessarily the advice, which does not feel healthy to you.
Listen to Everyone, and absorb seriously only the words and spirit which feel right to you.

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Sherry Katz, LCSW is primarily a couples therapist who counsels partners and individuals of all adult ages, in relieving tension and unhappiness in their relationships. The spectrum of care in her practice includes recuperating from infidelity, clarifying and strengthening trust and communication, restoring and developing common ground for a relationship. Ms. Katz has a secondary practice interest in helping family members align themselves in response to caring for elderly parents, especially a parent who has Alzheimer's Disease.Old Stories, New Views Family Therapy

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