Challenges of Special Needs Parenting

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The Grass is Not Always Greener on the Other Side

Special Needs Parenting can be a tough job and balance.  Often times, parents, whether special needs or not will think that other parents have it better. Contributors, Christy Carlson and Debbie Schmidt of Just2Moms found themselves feeling that “the grass was greener” in each other’s home.

Debbie just sent her special needs son who has Asperger’s off to college and finds her self to be an empty nester.  Christy just sent her oldest daughter to college and still has her special needs son at home.  By their frank and honest conversation we learn that each carry their own worries and concerns.

Even if special needs parents look at parents that are not dealing with special needs, you will find that everyone has their own challenges in life.

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About Christy Carlson & Debbie Schmidt

Christy Carlson and Debbie Schmidt, are not only great friends, but are both moms of Autistic boys. Together they founded the Autism awareness and acceptance non-profit, Just 2 Moms. They provide education and awareness about Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD). Their assembly program combines personal stories, a home-made DVD and interactives engaging the audience with a clear understanding of the strengths and challenges a person with Autism might have. Since 2007, the two have been presenting these programs in NJ, PA, DE and NY to schools, civic organizations, businesses, parent groups, churches and synagogues. Debbie is also the facilitator of the Camden/Burlington County Chapter of ASPEN (Asperger Autism Spectrum Education Network)

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