Change as a Choice


Change is a topic we can address forever because it’s always happening! And we, as humans, are usually averse to it. There is a coherence to sameness that we enjoy. When it gets interrupted we fight to keep things the same. We think we have arrived at this point after all that happened in the past and don’t want it disrupted…again. Most often we don’t change until we have to.

Change is not the enemy we think it is. If we can reframe our perspective to think of change as serving us for the better, we can begin to relax with the process. We can assume a stance that helps us accept what’s coming and move with change in a positive direction.

My friend and I had a long chat with an employee in a so-called healthy eatery; we were questioning hidden ingredients and calling upon his knowledge of the food’s preparation. He mentioned an ingredient that was in almost every dressing, marinade and salad, which I refuse to eat because of it’s proven health dangers. When my friend informed him it was a carcinogen, he answered, “Oh, I don’t mind. I smoke.” We asked why he smoked and he summed it up saying, “Look around at the world; it reduces my anxiety.” We couldn’t pass on the opportunity to comment about the irony of possibly damaging himself in response to the questionable behavior of others.

It doesn’t take much to notice all the changes that strip the word normal of its meaning. Change must occur. It is the way of the world. How we look at it is in our power, though. It is best to get out of resistance, or we will suffer.

Personally, I contend that there is goodness resting inside every turmoil, every disaster, and every downturn of events. Like the lotus, sometimes the muddiest of waters supports the most beautiful growth. Ultimately, a transformation can create greater compassion, balance, understanding – not to mention a good night’s sleep.

Getting swept up in a tide of anxiety and fear leaves us feeling powerless, which leads to disempowering behaviors. On the other hand, insisting on choosing our words and actions in the service of good can be mobilizing. It is not easy to stay balanced, yet there are myriad assists available in the form of healers, helpers, podcasts, groups, practices, writings and more for support. Healthy change is a journey and not an overnighter. It takes a level of personal commitment that may leave the old behind as new choices are being made.

Will you be part of the shift for good in how you conduct your life? Your relationships? Your work? On the planet? Change may cause you to do something you never would have done before. You may find yourself in a place that you never knew existed. And it may be temporary, on your way to some new brightness.

We can choose to love ourselves; we can choose to be with loving- or at least harmless- people; we can choose to act in wholesome ways with others that represent or spread goodness. We can opt out of participating in drama that feeds anxiety.

Wisdom is the ability to see a gift in the midst of turmoil.

As my friend Steve says, “Change is happening. How are you participating?”

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