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Before Growth Chooses You

Do you believe you have the power to create the life you want?

Many of us give our power over to our circumstances. We believe outside forces control us. We are wired for familiarity, and have a tendency to stay with the status quo even if things become undesirable. We dread having to go through what we think may be unpleasant or painful situations yet we so want what lies beyond in the realm of possibility.

When no longer able to change a negative situation, we are often challenged to change ourselves. We hear story after story about people who have faced dreaded circumstances and became victorious over them. They have beaten the odds; they have changed the course of their lives for the better having to be courageous. They wouldn’t choose to endure what occurred, yet they would do it all over again because life now has much more meaning and depth.

Let’s not wait until life chooses for us. No matter where we are in life, we all have the opportunity to grow. “Grow or Die”, it’s been said. Growth is the nature of life itself. Not meant to be resisted or denied, it’s a lifelong process.

Start with the position, “I am responsible and able to create the life I want now.” Then ask two really good questions of yourself. And guess what? You already know the answers.

1. What do I know I need to let go of or stop doing?

2. What do I know I should be doing?

Personal growth is about inner transformation. Without being transformed, change is not true or lasting. To transform, one needs action.

Take one of your answers and make a plan to put it into practice every day for a month, no matter what it takes.

Example: I know I am engaging in emotional eating. I know if I stop eating when I am not hungry that I will be better off and will see a positive difference.

The plan: I’ll keep a log of everything I eat for one week. Put a mark next to that which I recognize as emotional eating. See what patterns emerge. Ask myself a short list of questions about the list. I’ll choose to have a cup of tea when I recognize I need some soothing emotionally. I’ll take three deep breaths and recognize the emotion is passing for the time being. Then I will repeat the process for another week.

Example: I know I should be working on my website, but am avoiding it.

The plan: For the next ten days, I will spend one hour a day working on writing for my website. I’ll set a timer to make good on my promise. Then I’ll adjust my plan for the next set of days.

Small steps of practice or action will have your best intentions taking shape before your eyes. Choose to expand your vision. Choose to stretch and challenge yourself a little bit. Choose to move in the direction of a needed change or a dream.

Our limits are self-created; they are mostly illusions. We do have the power to create the life we want.

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Bev Borton has spent decades helping people surpass what they only thought were their limits. Dedicated to self-development, she partners with people to transform their lives into the happier, more fulfilled versions they desire. With extensive training and years as a professional life and business coach, she guides her clients through a comfortable process of conversation and discovery that leads to their clear thinking, positive actions and sustainable results. What sets her apart is her ability to help clients develop their best inner energy and attitude for the ultimate success- one that is unique to each person.

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