Colonoscopy~Out with the Old, in with New Technology


Mention a colonoscopy to anyone who has been through one and you’ll see a mirage of different face contortions. Usually a look of disgust will quickly be seen.  It is known to save many lives but it is probably one of the most dreaded medical tests.

Let along the thoughts of what is actually being done while you are under anesthesia, the prep is enough to make a grown man cry.  Drinking horrendous tasting solutions, the hours of sitting on the throne, I think you get the picture.

How wonderful would it be if we could swallow a pill and have the colonoscopy done with?  In this recent article in the WSJ it looks like technology is leading us to that solution.  If you are thinking of putting off that dreaded colonoscopy, don’t!  It’s not yet approved by the FDA and early detection is the best cure for any cancer, especially colon cancer. Here’s the article:

“Colon-cancer screening may soon become less invasive, more accurate—and more prevalent.

That’s thanks to new methods and devices either already on the market or pending regulatory approval. The technologies include a video camera embedded in a pill capsule, a DNA test and an endoscope that provides almost panoramic views of the colon.  Read more……

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