Developing Work Skills for Special Needs Children

special needs children

Dr. Temple Grandin

Much attention is given to the development of  special needs children when they are young but more attention needs to be given to developing work skills for when these children enter adulthood.  Aging out is a major concern for many parents of special needs.

This past April during Autism Awareness Month, had the honor of sponsoring an Evening with Dr.Temple Grandin which was organized by Durand, a non profit organization that helps individual with special needs learn & grow. Roseann Vanella, Community Advocate & Family Expert had the opportunity to sit down and interview Dr. Grandin.

Dr. Grandin was raised in the 1950’s when things were very different but as Dr. Grandin points out, things may have changed but every moment can be what she calls a “teachable moment” especially for a special needs child.  There are certain disciplines that can be taught over time to prepare any special needs child who has the ability to learn and develop certain life skills including work skills.

Dr. Grandin shares her own experiences along with her thoughts on how parents can help their special needs children.  Have you recently had a “teachable moment” with your child? Please share your experiences so that other parents may benefit.

Hear Dr. Grandin’s thoughts on the autism diagnosis.


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