Diabetes & Obesity Linked to Artificial Sweeteners


How many American’s think that by drinking diet soda’s we can prevent obesity and diabetes?  I would say the number is pretty high given the amount of “diet sodas” that appear on our grocery shelves.  The next time you’re doing your food shopping take a stroll down the soda aisle and count how many.

Besides the fact that we will go through a “drive through”, order a big hamburger plus fries and then of course go for a diet drink, there is so much that we are doing which now research has shown can be harmful to us.  Artificial sweeteners can be very dangerous and do the absolute opposite of what we think they will do. Just yesterday a study came out which showed that one artificial sweetener in particular can actually make you gain weight.  Isn’t this counter productive.

Watch and learn from FamilyAffaires.com Dr. Michael Corsilles as he explains how artificial sweeteners can actually cause diabetes and obesity.  It’s so important for us to become educated on this topic and so many more.

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About Dr. Michael Corsilles

Michael began practicing naturopathic medicine in 2003 after receiving his medical training at Bastyr University, an internationally recognized leader in natural medicine. Naturopathic medicine is a distinct profession of primary health care, emphasizing promotion of optimal health through the use of nutrients, herbs, physical medicine, and homeopathy. Michael recognized the need to integrate naturopathic medicine with conventional medicine so obtained a Physician Assistant certification from the University of Washington. There is an increasing demand for integrated healthcare, and as a naturopathic physician and a physician assistant, Michael can merge both types of medicine to provide a well-rounded plan of care to my patients. Michael chose medicine as a career because he truly enjoy interacting with people and sharing life experiences. A visit to your health care provider should not only be about treating disease, but also about promoting a healthy lifestyle. Michael trys to foster a mutually respectful relationship with each patient to promote a team approach to medicine.

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