Divorce, Moving Forward & Letting Go


Roseann Vanella, FamilyAffaire.com Founder & Professional Mediator, helps many couples through the process of divorce through mediation. Whether couples are amicable or adversarial through the process she finds a common theme with many of these divorcing couples.  They are still hanging on to old expectations of one another, expectations that were never met in their relationship. These expectations many times are the reason they get stuck and can’t move beyond the divorce.

FamilyAffaires.com Contributor Joanna Kleinman explains how divorcing couples can let go of these expectations and move on to the future.

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About Joanna Kleinman

Joanna is a psychotherapist in private-practice for over 20 years, Corporate and Life Coach, Author, national motivational speaker, and founder of The Center For Extraordinary Relationships. She created the nationally acclaimed workshop series Dethroning Your Inner Critic, and is one of the top workshop experts for Campowerment, a women’s empowerment company featured on The TODAY Show and in Oprah Magazine.

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