Dr. Temple Grandin ~ Her Thoughts on the Autism Diagnosis

Dr Temple Grandin

Ways to Help Children with Autism

Recently I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Temple Grandin, a world famous adult with autism, author, speaker and internationally acclaimed activist in not only the field of autism but also in animal behavior.

As a part of FamilyAffaires.com mission, we strive to educate, support, and advocate for families going through life changes.  Recently we  partnered with Durand, a non profit organization that provides quality learning opportunities to individuals with pervasive developmental disorders such as autism, and several other developmental and learning disabilities in a safe environment, and to offer services and resources to their families. Durand sponsored an Evening with Dr. Temple Grandin to support the autism community.  The event was dynamic, informative and a great support for so many families whose everyday lives are affected by autism.

Dr. Temple Grandin spent some time with me to share her views on the new broadening in scope of the autism diagnosis, discussing whether she feels it is helping children with autism or hindering their growth and development.

She also share some advice on how to help young adults with autism assimilate into society without the need of structured therapies and how we can all help children of autism grow and stretch beyond their current abilities.

To say that the evening was inspiring would be an understatement.  As a Community Advocate and Family Expert for FamilyAffaires.com my knowledge and understanding of autism was greatly expanded.  If you have personal stories or comments we invite you to post them below or visit us at our Community Forum. We would love to hear from you!

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