Employment for Adults with Autism, Part 2

adults with autism

In Part 1 of this interview, FamilyAffaires.com Contributor Dr. Robert Nasseef discussed with Family Expert, Roseann Vanella the growing issue of employment for adults with autism.

In today’s Part 2 of our interview, Dr. Naseef discussed the program he is currently engaged with between The ARC of Philadelphia, Montgomery Community College in collaboration with Vocational Rehabilitation, a federal program run by states in order to employ individuals with disabilities. SAP, a software company is a corporation who will be offering jobs to these individuals going through the training.  Other software companies like Microsoft are also offering jobs to adults with autism.

In understanding the great need to train adults with autism so that they may be able to obtain full time jobs, Dr. Naseef shares that amongst the autism population over 70% are not employed and with the correct training the majority of that 70% can be employed.

The hope is that this training would become part of a national training program for all individuals with disabilities such as autism.  As Roseann Vanella states, “in doing so, it would not only benefit the individuals but also society on a whole and most importantly these families”.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this interview where Dr. Naseef will share the topics of training he is giving. To become part of a FamilyAffaires.com community discussion moderated by Dr. Robert Naseef, please join our Forum.


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Robert Naseef, Ph.D., speaks and writes in a singular voice as a psychologist and father of an adult son with autism. His latest book, Autism in the Family: Caring and Coping Together (2013) by Brookes Publishing includes advance praise from autism experts, parents, and people with autism such as Temple Grandin and Stephen Shore. Learn more about Robert at www.alternativechoices.com

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