Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Aging Dad

Fathers day gifts

Father’s day is the one time of year that we can celebrate everything that dad has done for us and given us throughout the years!

Gifts for an Aging Father
As our dads age we realize how important it is that they stay healthy. Here are some ideas for dad that can help him age actively and be healthy.

Stretch Resistance Bands – inexpensive, you can purchase resistance bands of various strengths to help dad maintain muscle as he ages. You can purchase the resistance bands with illustrations of various exercises to try or check out these printable or video ones online.
Smoothie Blender – who would have thought dad would enjoy “healthy milkshakes”; but you may be surprised! Buy an inexpensive blender/smoothie maker (we found one by Faberware for under $20) & all the ingredients (including some hemp protein powder) to whip him up a smooth, creamy, healthy drink that helps him get enough protein.
Indoor Grill – if your dad was always the grilling chef & he lives in a climate that doesn’t always allow for grilling, an indoor grill is a great idea. Wrap it in a grilling apron!
Walking Stick – if dad’s a little unsteady on his feet, a beautiful wooden walking stick could be just what he needs to feel comfortable enough to take walks again. This is often a great replacement for dads who are “too proud” to use a cane & they’re quite affordable.

Father’s Day Gifts for the Housebound Dad
Being housebound can create depression in the elderly; especially if they don’t find ways to keep busy and feel useful.
Puzzle Books – you can buy large print word/puzzle books that make word searches and crosswords easier for those that have difficulties seeing. Making it easier to read, the large print books can give him entertainment for hours.
Scrap Book – with very little money you can purchase all you need to create a scrapbook with dad. Take over some pictures you have & use some that he may have hanging around to create a scrapbook & talk about the pictures as you add them to the book for him to look at later.
Memories Jar – a memory jar can be created by simply writing or printing out, in large letters, strips of paper with memories of certain times in life that you enjoyed with dad. (Some examples: “Remember our camping trip in Cook’s Forest?” Or “Remember the day you bought me that baseball mitt I had been wanting so badly?”) You can even cut strips of paper & create the memories with dad while you visit; reminiscing together.

Honoring A Father Who Has Passed
Unfortunately, part of life is losing people we love. If you don’t have your father here any longer you can still honor him with friends & family.
Create a Photo Montage – create a montage of pictures either on your computer or by actually printing out or using old photos & placing in a frame or bulletin board. Seeing his smiling face can regularly keep him fresh in your mind and heart.
Put a Special Wreath Up – make the wreath special and one of a kind by gluing items that remind you of your father and all he loved. Some creative ideas: Place fishing ties, bobbers & other fishing items on a wreath; make a wreath to represent his favorite sports team. You can place this at his gravesite, out on your patio or on a door so you can see it regularly.

No matter what, the gift of time is priceless to a parent. Spend time with dad and let him know how much you appreciate his presence in your life.
Happy Father’s Day!

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