Father’s Day For Kids Who Aren’t Loved ByTheir Father

Father's Day

Welcome to the reality that not all fathers want to love their children.

Fatherly “love”, the emotional willingness and availability to listen, care, and feel happy from ongoing involvement with the developing life of one’s child, doesn’t always exist, develop or sustain itself.

Many families feel uneasy to accept the child’s sense of lacking paternal love.
Instead of direct examination, sometimes family members respond to this inherently painful circumstance with excuses for their observations, consider the child responsible for the father’s missing love, or avoid to bring up when they do notice a disconnect between the father and child.

A frequent distraction from the rightly distressing truth of a father who does not love their child is “deep down your father loves you”.

Some kids realize the truth of their father’s disinterest in them. Whether from a sense of self-doubt or knowing no one would care to hear their position, often this sector of kids decides to keep quiet about their awareness.

Unless the parent unblocks their willingness to love their child, the dynamic continues.

As an adult, a father has the greater responsibility to change the relationship pattern which does not offer love to their child.

If kids who may be suffering the most are also silent about their heartache, how can anyone be of service and support to them?

Avoid the assumption that all kids greet Father’s Day in a joyous way.

Recognizing one reason Father’s Day may not be a celebratory day is because kids who are not loved by their father are in a situation they didn’t ask for, don’t want, and have no choice in the matter. Their only option is to adjust to this painful reality.

For any readers who are or know a father whose kid feels unloved by them, it is never too late to figure out how to love your child.

Love is timeless and children are never too old to receive the first and most natural love in our lives, the love from a parent to their child.

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