Finding Life Balance During Back to School Time

finding life balance

When “Back to School” season rolls around so does the need for our routine. Even as an empty nester, I feel the urgency of life increase.

You know, that gut feeling of life about to be moving at a faster pace, activities restarting and holidays approaching. For me, it is also time to revisit goals going forward and make plans.

Summer gives me the downtime needed to think through what is on my mind and in my heart. Most importantly, I can take the time to think about how I can create balance for the busy season to come.

Balance is a huge priority in my life. Without it, nothing else seems to go smoothly. Staying aware of my mental and physical health and creating a plan to maintain my wellness take deliberate goal setting.

As I write this blog, I am thinking about what I want to have in my life to help me maintain balance with another wedding to plan for and celebrate in September.

I want to look and feel my best. Exercise is key to me. I put my routine on the calendar including, walks with my golden doodle, yoga and swimming .

I am making all the necessary appointments to finish the planning for wedding when my bride-to-be daughter comes back east to be at a surprise bridal shower weekend. On the to-do-list: Have fun.

Yup, even fun is on my list! I remind myself of what is important in the process and work on letting the control go. The bride and groom are really in charge from here on…ahhh…that actually feels great and the fun flows into my world!

As for the rest of the goals, those need to feel good too.

As I list the ordinary tasks that need to get done, I envision the benefit of completing the tasks and remind myself how I will feel a sense of accomplishment when they are complete.
This helps me overcome the resistance I feel toward completing the chores that are less pleasant.

Everything goes on my virtual calendar with plenty of reminders popping up. This method is one that really helps me have peace of mind that I do not have to trust my dwindling memory cells with the whole task!

Scheduling in a social calendar is also on the list. This takes effort and coordination with friends and my hubby. Sometimes, I even need to set time to address how I am going to organize my goal setting!

The other huge task that comes to mind is getting my home organized. Just keeping up with the day to day tasks seems to leave little time to organize our personal space.

Finally becoming an empty nester makes me aware that I need to purge and reduce the contents of the nest! I am working on figuring out how I will approach this overwhelming task.

As I allocate more and more time to work I am passionate about, I seem to make less and less time to address this item on the list.

As fall approaches, I am making specific appointments on my calendar to break down the task of purging. First, I am listing all the spaces to be addressed and I am coming up with a specific approach for each space. Then I am scheduling appointments to set aside time for each step.

Setting time to be with Mom is so important to me…this needs to be on my calendar too. Today, during an impromptu breakfast with mom, my phone calendar reminded me about my upcoming client appointment.

I looked at Mom and told her, this is exactly why I use calendar reminders! I was truly able to be present with Mom until I had to leave.

As you look forward to the fall season, think about what would make your life feel calmer and you feel more present to enjoy life!


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