Finding Peace After Christmas and Facing the New Year Empowered

New Year

As the holidays pass, not everyone experienced the “Merry” of Christmas nor is everyone looking to a “Happy” New Year.

~Some of us ate alone on Christmas.
~Some were missing people at their table.
~Some were grieving their sick family members.
~Some – those who passed.
~Some were disappointed with their gifts.
~Some didn’t like the meal.
~Some didn’t have enough food to eat.
~Some people were protecting our country.
~Some people were working, so that others could have a Christmas.
~On and on, you could list your disappointments.

Might we all take a moment to find something positive? There are many things we take for granted daily. How about thinking of some of those, and then, find yourself back to living, in the present.  My most centering statement to myself is, “It is what it is.”

This New Year is yet to prove itself. There will be many, many moments we will cherish. Those we have to face, we hope to do so with grace.

The drifting away of partners, the disappointments in the children. Look outside your beliefs and angers, and see if there is a way to heal, grow and re-ignite what was one there. Casting aside relationships from anger will not help you to recognize your contributions nor release your anger.

When there is a tragedy, you have the choice to live in it the rest of your life. Or, you can grieve the tragedy, and then fashion the rest of your years, loving the people in it, staying healthy, having fun, learning, and on and on. It is always up to us.

Whatever happens in 2018 will happen. In your heart and between each other, let there be peace.

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Paula Susan, MSW, LCSW, Masters in Clinical Social Work & Psychology; specialist in Trauma and Relationships since 1982. In 1991, I integrated the powerfully transformative process of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Research demonstrates that it facilitates life-altering changes more efficiently and effectively than talk therapy alone. I teach skills such as communication and anxiety relief to improve connection with others. Over the decades, I’ve come to respect how much damage even small traumatic experiences inflict on our core beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. I consider it a privilege to help my clients understand and change what has undermined their happiness and their relationships. I do it with warmth, integrity, humor, and profound respect for those who care about the quality of this small piece of time we have on

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