Your Friends Can Be Your Valentine’s Too

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“I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my good friends” William Shakespeare Richard II

If your romantic partner is your best friend, you are doubly blessed. Celebrating Valentine’s Day, however you choose to celebrate, with your significant other who is also your “BFF” makes this holiday doubly enjoyable.

However, for those that are single, or in troubled and challenging relationships, and if feeling a bit isolated on the day everyone celebrates love, take a moment and think about those in your life that are there for you mostly 24/7 – your friends.

It is not written in stone that celebrating on this day with any of your friends is unacceptable. Talk to your friends and find out things they would like to do, or places they would like to go, and make some plans. A day or afternoon at a spa or salon, an afternoon of shopping and decadent dessert, a golf outing, a sporting event, going to the theater or movie, are all possibilities to spend time with each other and maybe defray feeling lonely.

In my professional and personal experience, I often hear about romantic relationships that end for a multitude of reasons, from irreconcilable differences to the death of a partner. And those that cope best with this heartache are those that have one or a few very true, authentic, loyal, and trustworthy friends.

But always remember, friendship is a 2 way dynamic. In order to have “do anything for you” or “be there whenever you need anything” friends, you too must give the same level of commitment and support. To have good friends, you must be a good friend.

In this very stressful, chaotic, and sometimes cruel world, knowing you have a safety net, or safe harbor in your friendships is one of life’s biggest blessings. When I think back on some of the most difficult, challenging, or sad times in my life, it was often that my friends helped me the most. For them, I am truly grateful. And I never let them forget how important they are to me and how much they are valued, appreciated and loved.

Whatever you plan for the holiday, with whomever you plan to spend it, celebrate the blessing of those who show time and time again, that you are loved unconditionally.

Wishing you health, a Happy Valentine’s or Friend-entine’s Day, and living your best life.

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