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Thanksgiving and fall is such a wonderful time of year. As the season approaches, the leaves change colors, we are hopeful to experience one, last Indian summer day, we play “chicken” with the weather man as he predicts the first frost, and we are reminded that this is the season that wreaks havoc with our sanity and our waistlines.

Immediately after the back to school supplies are removed, Halloween decorations and accessories hit the shelves. And if you look behind the October 31st treats, you’ll see the Christmas holiday paraphernalia peek out anxiously awaiting their time on the red carpet. And the consumers, we simply shake our heads and mutter, here we go again.
Halloween is now in the rear view mirror. That’s a relief! And now where to celebrate Thanksgiving?

How about doing something different this year? Maybe change things up a bit! Skip the heavy sauce on the green beans and simply serve them steamed? Is that crazy?? That might be enough change for one year! Tradition is key – add a bit of change for the hell of it. You may discover it works.
As the holiday season approaches, we’re encouraged to take time to review what’s important, the past year and its many blessings and opportunities:

  • Things change – and it’s good to embrace little changes along the way, e.g., different green beans, so you’re more adaptable to the big changes. Don’t go crazy!
  • Sometimes a terrible event evolves into an opportunity to learn more about yourself and become a better person – especially when you’re completely dependent on those around you.
  • Change the things you can, accept the things you can’t and pray for the wisdom to know the difference. You can’t control all things. For some of us, that’s a tough lesson to embrace.
  • Celebrate victories – however large or small.
  • Recognize when things are good!
  • Complain less.
  • If you’re walking through hell – don’t stop!! Keep moving forward with new and better strategies and solutions.
  • Express gratitude to loved ones – friends and family.
  • Smile more – you may make someone’s day.
  • Write a letter of appreciation for great service. It could mean a reward for someone who went out of their way for you.
  • Be kind, be safe and look out for one another. We need others – don’t forget!!
  • Be good to yourself – ‘cause if you’re not, sure as hell no one else will be.

Enjoy your post-Thanksgiving dinner nap and those delicious, leftover turkey sandwiches!

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