Grief Burnout After a Cascade of Loss-Part 2


8 Tips to Deal with Grief Burnout

Here are 8 tips and tools that I used to maneuver through the grief burnout experience:

  1. It’s more exhausting fighting the exhaustion, so I don’t fight it. I sometimes sit and read, or listen to podcasts at any hour of the day. I need to let my body, mind and spirit rest. Rest is an act of self love and necessary.
  2. I walk my dogs…a lot. It gives me a chance to be in nature, let my mind wander and exercise my body at the same time. I don’t have to think, I can just be. Exercise helps the body release stress and being in nature helps the mind rest. It’s a form of meditation.
  3. I express my feeling with people who just listen. No advice, opinions or sympathy. I want to talk so I can gain clarity. I ask for what I need and find it with people who can fulfill my emotional needs.
  4. Writing this article for is another form of self expression that’s different from talking. Expressing emotions in more than one way helps process the grief.
  5. I engage with a coach. Yes, a professional engages with a professional. They have a different perspective than family and friends..
  6. Routine is healthy. It puts the mind to good use. I do this by having one foot still in my businesses, doing chores, running errands, etc.
  7. I practice gratitude. It balances perspective and engages my mind to seek out peace and joy.
  8. Lastly I use humor. The ability to laugh at myself and the world bring balance to my mind, body and spirit. It is a skill that has a grounding effect. With grief burnout grounding is super important.

Grief burnout can be either a debilitating experience or empowering and purposeful. I have chosen empowering and purposeful. I have been stepping away from life, the purpose, to cocoon, recover and make sense of it all. I have one step in life, the purpose, to maintain stability and routine. Grief burnout is a transition. Honor it. It’s purpose is to create well being.

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Sharon Roth-Lichtenfeld an ICF Certified Professional Life Coach bringing many years of expert professional experience along with many years of personal knowledge and understanding of loss, grief and forever changes. She is the Co-Creator of Afterwards and the signature Afterwards Program. Afterwards is the next step and is the critical link from being supported through therapy and support groups to actually gaining the ability to flourish after the first year of a major life transition. To learn more visit

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