Your Health is in Your Hands

your health is in your hands

I wish there was a billboard that says, “Your health is too important to place in the hands of your doctor.”
For while we of course seek medical attention when we have a health challenge or crisis, how often do we-with equal measure- tap into our own wisdom to help ourselves heal?

While under a professional’s care, there is much we can add to create healing on many levels. We can “raise the sail with our stronger hand”, as the Japanese proverb advises. In other words, we can do what we are still capable of doing.

We may be physically challenged, or experience confinements and limitations during this time. Yet, we can use our minds, emotions and spirituality to assist our personal healing.

Above all, I think good health means freedom. But even if ailing health presents difficulties and limitations, we can still find where we are free. That’s usually in the present moment. It’s when we worry about the future or feel guilt from the past that we get into trouble. We have the power to take positive actions in any given moment. What we eat, say, think and do, and feel affects the balance of our health. Who we are with and what is said when we are with them can either add or detract from healing.

Some questions to ask ourselves:
1. What can I eat today that would help, rather than hinder me?
2. What can I say to myself and others that would not contribute to a sad state of affairs, but instead raise them?
3. What can I think or do that would increase my opportunities for a better feeling day?
4. What time can I take today to listen more deeply to what my body’s wisdom wants me to know?
5. How can I view recent changes in a positive light, instead of seeing the illness as an enemy?
6. How can I best maintain inner calmness?

Raise the sail with your stronger hand.

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