Holiday Shopping for Those Recently Divorced or Separated

divorce holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…unless you’re separated or divorced. November and December are tough weeks even if you’ve been divorced for years. Maybe that’s why the 1st Sunday in January is the busiest day each year! There are more people looking for partners on that day who have resolved to not be SINGLE in the coming year!

Finances are tight post-divorce. If you’re still actively trying to get divorced, then the legal bills that arrive by mail are overwhelming. How are you supposed to even budget for that? Do your best to be realistic when making promises to family and friends about gifting activity in the coming season.

We’re all on edge. It can’t be easy for the kids or your family or your in-laws to accept this new normal. Your loved ones haven’t been living it day to day like you have. Maybe no one wants to ask what the plan is because they’re afraid of upsetting you. Be grateful for that.

Are any of these on your holiday wish list this year?

  • Forget peace on earth – just wish for peace in your heart.
  • A found roll of cash – only to be used for holiday shopping and activities. Maybe a green Christmas? A
  • Lottery win – doesn’t have to be a huge one.
  • No tears – from anyone.
  • One happy memorable moment.
  • A great binging session with Netflix that you’ve been meaning to watch but never had time to do.
  • Confidence in knowing that things will get better – and easier.
  • A pampering session – take care of yourself. No one knows how better than you.

It’s a couple of days and if you’re not looking forward to it, know that December 26th will arrive. And you’ve built more skills to help you face the next hurdle, New Year’s Eve. Time marches on, that’s the good news.

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