Holiday Stress Relief, Blow Bubbles!

holiday stress

Do you remember the last time you blew bubbles? I do! At a gathering of several hundred professional women recently, little, purple plastic BUBBLE pots were found at the center of each table. During a presentation, we were instructed to distribute the bubbles amongst us! One by one, we picked up the purple jar, inspected it and then twisted off the top. And we blew bubbles, and giggled, and laughed, and filled the room with magic.

Lu Ann Cahn, the author of I Dare Me: How I Rebooted and Recharged My Life by Doing Something New Every Day, provided us with the bubbles, the time and the place. We were carefree, silly, reflective, playful and childlike, simply because we were blowing bubbles. What a gift to be able to focus on something so simple, so inexpensive that provided lots of smiles and laughter.

Lu Ann suggested that we be the bubble blower in our lives! Be the one who brings smiles to faces of those we meet, encourage creativity, dance, sing really loud, play, jump rope, ice skate, turn up the music, tell a joke, do a cartwheel, try a handstand, do something different and dare yourself to feel something new. Watch what happens.

The holiday season can be a tough one for families who are facing divorce, who may be together for the first time as the “new” family or even be ten years into it but still experiencing waves of sadness.

So do something different! What a concept! Find something that makes you happy. Read a book. Watch a Hallmark movie. Volunteer. Acknowledge your feelings and then get out of the way to make room for new feelings. Keep bubbles in the house! I know you’ll be happy you have them.

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