Holistic and Alternative Help for Seasonal Allergies

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April showers may bring May flowers but in addition, sneezing, sniffling, sore throat, chest congestion, clogged sinuses and heavy head feelings are part of the mix for allergy sufferers and seasonal allergies.  Over the counter anti-histamine medications are the choice a lot of people make.  However, if you want some guidance for alternative, holistic support, consider these suggestions.

Activated Quercetin is a supplement I’ve suggested to clients over the years.  Quercetin is a substance found in many fruits and vegetables and is a natural anti-histamine and antioxidant.  Wellness Resources wrote a great article on all the benefits.

Activated Quercetin contains quercetin but also Vitamin C (immune booster) and Bromelain (a natural source of an anti-inflammatory from pineapples).  The best time to start using Activated Quercetin is about 3 weeks before seasonal allergies commence.  If you use it early enough and through your allergy season, chances are you may not have an issue, or you will have less intense complaints.  Look for good quality brands in local health food stores.  Source Naturals is a brand I often suggest but there are other good ones on the market.

Another suggestion I make to clients for allergy season, other than good nutrition, water, rest, and stress management disciplines, is a line of products by Guna Inc.    They have a vast array of preventative support and complaint specific support.  There are 2 nasal sprays available, one for congested sinuses and one for runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes- 2 very separate complaints.  They also have support for allergy prevention and if you didn’t start in time, one that works once the complaints start.

Whether you have experienced years of flare ups for allergies, or are going through this for the first time due to other stressors in your life that depress the immune system, but you want a holistic and alternative approach to address your seasonal allergies, consider trying  some of these products.  And as always, if you have other major health issues, take prescription medications, and don’t know if these products are appropriate for you, always check with your healthcare team or work with a knowledgeable practitioner.

Wishing you health and living your best life.


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