Housing Changes During Life Transitions

life transitions

Some life transitions, like a stroke, come upon us with no warning. Others, like a divorce, may be years in the planning.

Either way, often life transitions involve the sale and/or purchase of real estate. These are always stressful times.

It is important to receive professional help with your housing changes. This article will address how to make the selling and buying of real estate proceed more smoothly.

Staging your home when you put it on the market will result in a faster sale. This can be accomplished without spending much money. The two most important words in this staging process are clean and uncluttered. Start your staging process by clearing off table and counter tops and removing excess furniture. Entry ways in łall rooms should not be cluttered with furniture. Keep them as open as possible. Give your house a thorough cleaning, including stains on the carpets. The Magic Sponge is a great tool for removing marks on your walls. If possible, use touch up paint to cover dirt and marks on the wall and trim.

If you have excess furniture or boxes, they can be stored in the basement or garage without making a buyer feel like there isn’t enough space in the house. Declutter kitchen counters as much as possible. Don’t forget items, like cereal boxes, that may be stored above your refrigerator. This suggests to a prospective buyer that you do not have enough storage space in your kitchen.

There are professional services to help families organize, declutter, pack, move and get rid of unwanted items. Ask your Realtor for resources.

If a property purchase will be part of this transition, start with an understanding of your space requirements. How many bedrooms? Baths? Do you need a garage? Basement? Yard? Do you need one floor living? Can you do updates to a property?

Coordinating buying and selling can be challenging, especially at transition time. Realtors make this happen on a regular basis. With competent guidance, this part of the transition can be relatively stress free.

Once the hectic time of the housing change is behind you, your world should begin to calm down. If you have chosen well, you will feel more relaxed and content in your new home.

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Sandi Lichtman is the Broker and Owner of Lichtman Associates Real Estate, LLC. Sandi has thrived and succeeded in the real estate world for over 33 years. Sandi has drawn on her past speech pathology work with families in crisis and meshed this with real estate. This means that she has a special empathy and understanding of the challenges that many families face at transition time. Whether the family is dealing with divorce, major illness or death, Sandi can make the transition easier. She has resources to do the hard work of getting a full home cleaned out and staged for selling. Sandi is known in the industry for her professionalism and integrity.Learn more at LichtmanAssociatesRealEstate.com

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