Insight, How to Fine Tune Your Inner Wisdom


A quick look at the definition of the word insight reveals these qualities: intuition, discernment, perception, awareness, understanding, comprehension, appreciation, acumen.

How would you like the benefit of insight in making a decision?

To begin, it seems a pause is necessary to realize any of the above advantages. See if slowing down the chase for an answer will reveal it instead. How relaxed can you be to determine the truth of the situation? In gaining true insight you lose your automatic ways of behaving or thinking. So first, breathe and quiet your mind to give yourself some space.

Next, give up the search for evidence. There is a strong tendency to think the truth is what you already believe. When you look for evidence to back up what you already think is true, you do not have the benefit of perspective or discernment. If you think you just can’t stand something anymore, find evidence for the opposite stance for a more balanced view.

Then, put down your label gun. Consider what the world looks like without labels. A pair of pants, a handbag, food brands, the names of birds, trees or cars, a person’s behavior, a way of doing something. Can you just see an item or behavior for what it is instead of assuming a meaning it will carry? Can you accept what has happened and remain neutral long enough to investigate your next best step?

Now you are ready to consider wider options. Either/or is usually the we make decisions, but what if there is another way? Hang out in the grey zone for a while and consider choices. Brainstorm. Think beyond, not letting anything stick to you and become an idea for a period of time. Laying out different starting points and asking “What if?” at each of them will provide new perspectives.

Calling on your own inner wisdom can lead to a good decision. Often a useful question to frame a difficult circumstance is, “What is the healthiest outcome for me or us?” Reframe what happened up to this point based on the opportunities it provides.

In this calmer state, without labels or influences from fear, there is a very good chance for revealing a well-chosen path of action containing some intuition, discernment, perception, awareness, understanding, comprehension, appreciation, and acumen.

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