Is There Such a Thing as Luck?


Luck- what is it really? Where does it come from?

I once had a cycling coach who said that in a race “you make your own luck”. What he meant was that you go into the event mentally prepared, confident in being able to adjust and adapt to things as they happen and have the courage to dig deep at the right moment of awareness to do the right thing and make the most of it.

I just learned this for myself in my personal life. You make your own luck.

I live in San Diego and I recently met a handsome, vigorous, caring US Navy Commander through a mutual friend. We sensed an enormous positive energy between us, unexpected and overwhelming. I am single and he is in an unhappy marriage, a result of very demanding, intense and ever changing naval responsibilities. These demands, which he excelled at meeting, distracted from his home life. We both wondered why we had entered each other’s lives and were feeling this energy.

People enter your life for a “Reason, A Season, or a Lifetime”  and we both were trying to figure this out, while enjoying this very strong attraction. Over a number of months, through friendly electronic messaging, a few lighthearted phone calls and a few very brief meetings we remained confused. The attraction was still quite intense.

I had explained to him my motto: Tell the truth, Do the right thing, Be kind; and so I used this trusty motto to help us. I wrote him a letter via email with some thoughts about our current lives, as we had discussed them and asked to meet and discuss what our true dreams are. He wholeheartedly agreed.

The meeting was brief because prior to the meeting we had both tapped into our emotions to find answers and to become aware of who we were and what our dreams are. We and our dreams were, in fact, different.

He needed to make scheduling changes to spend more time on himself (which I chided him about repeatedly), to boost his self-awareness enough to help turn his marriage around. A wonderful marriage and family was his dream and we both new that.

For me, it was to find a life partner, with many of this man’s qualities but with additional ones and a dream more closely matched to mine- to help people change their lives.

We feel lucky to have met and to experience that strong attraction driving us to learn more about ourselves and figure out what we dreamed of.

So, just like my cycling coach said; We made our own luck. We had the courage and awareness to make the right move, at the right time.

We may have entered each other’s lives for a “Reason” but we will love each other as friends for a lifetime.

Tap into your emotions and increase your awareness. It will help you with challenges in your life. You might get lucky.

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About Gina Stetsko

Gina is currently working at Novateur Ventures, Inc. in Vancouver, B.C. as the Head of Product Development and Manufacturing. In this role she will be assisting executives and company staff with strategic decisions, technical issues, regulatory concerns and managing outsourcing. Gina holds a BS degree in Pharmacy and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. After 32 years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, culminating in a number of senior executive positions and directly managing staff in the US, UK, Ireland and France, Gina has now incorporated personal growth and wellness approaches to collaborations and outsourcing. Incorporating these approaches in a technical business setting was driven by her personal struggles, as well as experience helping others in different cultures, with their unique personal growth. She lives by three simple principles: Tell the truth; Do the right thing; Be kind.

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