The Journey of Mindfulness, Going from Trauma to Gratitude

Mindfulness is something that Expert Contributor, Dr. Dan Gottlieb feels he has been practicing ever since the young age of seven.  Dr. Gottlieb recently presented at The Penn Program for Mindfulness at the University of Pennsylvania.  In today’s video blog with Co-Founder Roseann Vanella he shares some of his most intimate moments from childhood on.

Dr. Gottlieb realized he was different from the rest of his family at the age of seven while out at a family dinner.  Of course at that time, he didn’t understand that he was beginning to practice mindfulness but that was exactly what was happening. He considers it his first awakening.

Dr. Gottlieb takes us on the journey of his lifetime. It began when he was a child and  includes having a learning disability which made him feel ashamed which then led to him being groomed and then molested by a teacher at the age of 12.  Much trauma lived inside of him for a very long time.  The trauma continued through his lifetime, it included his wife having cancer, his own accident, his divorce……. Through each trauma Dr. Gottlieb noticed himself as being an observer.

As he learned to observe it gave him a sense of safety.  Mindfulness teaches you to observe your life with dispassion and then with passion.  When we feel certain emotions we must learn to actually feel the emotions and acknowledge them. We must learn to be in the moment. Listen and watch as Dr. Gottlieb takes you through the practice of mindfulness which will help live a life of gratitude!


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About Dan Gottlieb

Dr. Dan Gottlieb has been practicing psychology since 1969.Since 1985, Daniel Gottlieb has been hosting “Voices in the Family,” an award-winning mental health call-in radio show aired on WHYY 90.9 FM, Philadelphia’s local public radio station. He has also previously published a total of four books. His most recent, “The Wisdom of Sam: Observations on Life from an Uncommon Child,”. In it, Dan tells of some of the remarkable insights shared by his grandson Sam who is on the autism spectrum. All of his royalties are donated to children’s charities. Dan is also a contributor to the Dana & Christopher Reeves Foundation.

2 thoughts on “The Journey of Mindfulness, Going from Trauma to Gratitude

  1. Norma

    A Big thank you to my friend Dr Goittlib,the spirit of help arrived when I most needed it GOD Bless,peace Norma

  2. Norma Donnelly

    Just finished your new book The Wisdom We Are Born with,excellent if you were here I’d give you a BIG HUG,so happy for you and Joan,it makes my insides glow,there are no accidents your book came at a perfect time.And lm a true believer in that Gift giving to us at birth..children can bring us home again, simple just being .I’m in the middle or some carp but with your wisdom it has opened up the door off healing,as you once told me Dan that’s what souls do heal .lm so grateful our lives had connected,you are LOVED NORMA Adams Mark city line


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