Love is a True Gift


On this Christmas Day, many families are gathering together and celebrating. Many of us have our own traditions whether they involve singing Christmas Carols together, cooking traditional family recipes that have been passed on through generations or watching specific movies together.

Whatever they may be, whether we realize it or not, these traditions have been created out of love and continue through love. I know that for me, they have truly become part of the fabric of my life. No matter what has happened in my life and as much as things may change, I know that these traditions are something that remain constant and something that fill my heart with love year after year.

It makes me remember the love of close family members that are no longer with me and the love for those still here. I look forward to passing on these traditions which is passing on the gift of love that was given to me. Love costs so very little to give but makes a huge difference to the person it is given to. Recently my very good friend and Contributor Dr. Dan Gottlieb wrote about the impact that love had on his life 37 years ago and continues. Please read his story and today in the midst of all of the celebrating, take a moment to sit back and reflect on how love has touched you.

Merry Christmas!

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