We are so happy you are interested in contributing to the FamilyAffaires.com Magazine. It is a quarterly publication that is available to our growing community for download. We strongly believe in our mission of guiding families through life changes, and feel that the information you will provide will be of great value.

FamilyAffaires.com concentrates on 5 areas of transition with sub topics.They are as follows;

Special Needs Parenting-Education – Health, Support ,Therapy, Relationships
Health Crisis – Children’s Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Senior Health, Mental Health, Relationships
Aging Family Members – Caregiving, Emotional Support, Care Coordination, Grief,Relationships
Divorce – Pre divorce, During Divorce, Post Divorce, Co-Parenting, LGBT,Relationships
Personal Finances – Recession, Job Loss, Relationships, Retirement & Death

Submission Guidelines

  • Each contributor will be featured in our magazine as the Author.
    Please provide your name, title and website link.
  • Your article should be submitted in a Word or Pages document attachment (NO PDFS please). Please just use a standard Word document without any special document formatting! Please use black print and a Times New Roman 12 font size throughout.

Article Writing Guidelines

  • Each article will be reviewed and edited for spelling and punctuation. A sentence may be reworded to enhance clarity if needed on occasion.
  • The purpose of editing is not to change the meaning or the content of an article or your thoughts.
  • Even with knowing your article will be reviewed, please complete a personal final proof reading and use spell check last thing before submission!
  • Each article must have a relevant headline that is 6 words or less. Please use a Keyword in the article that the general public would use to search the topic of your article. Repeat this keyword in the first sentence of your article and through out where possible. Involve your audience in the initial impact of your headline. This can be achieved by writing the headline in question form, with a clever twist on words or meaning, or with humor. Remember that our audience are people in transition so please keep this in mind when writing and try to communicate on their emotional levels.
  • Articles must be within a 350 word minimum to a 400 word maximum in length.
  • Keep paragraphs to 2-3 sentences.
  • Please avoid exaggeration, clichés, and straight out-of-a-handbook or white paper talking points. Be more creative than this mistake!
  • If you refer to a study, poll, survey, or another online article in your article, please place a URL source in front of the two or three words you want this sourcing to be embedded as a working link. Do not embed yourself in the article, as this just has to be redone to post the article. For example use http://www.xyz.com as opposed to www.xyz.com.
  • Please source, verify and then double-check all facts in your articles if they are presented as facts and not opinion. If you are using “something” from someone else or somewhere else to support your statement or position, you are presenting that “something” as a fact – source it!
  • Please do not speculate about verifiable information. Do not guess or approximate. Please take the time to research the facts.
  • FamilyAffaires.com will not publish any material which contains threats, a call to violence or revolution, or any other illegal activity. We will not publish conspiracy theories or mainstream media facts that have already been proven to be false or distortions.
  • FamilyAffaires.com will not reproduce copyrighted news agency photos and stories.
  • Please honor the intellectual property of others and copyright law.
  • Please do not send an article that is not original. We will only publish original articles for FamilyAffaires.com.

Topic Selection Guidelines

  • Think of your audience when writing. For most visitors to the site, they will be going through a stressful time so think in terms of offering them some assistance.
  • Honesty and authenticity always comes through in writing.
  • Feel free to use humor when appropriate. Being a bit funny works when appropriate. Having readers smile is a good thing!
  • Choose topics and content that educates and offers resources that solve problems.
  • It is ok to think of FA readers as friends. Writing in a conversational style if appropriate to the subject matter is more intimate, relaxing, and relatable.
  • Emphasize the human aspect of your topic, even if writing in the more serious sections. Appeal to the audience on an emotional level. Writing that is technical & mechanical in nature will not appeal to this audience.
  • Present from a real-life perspective as opposed to only a theory or conceptual perspective. This is easy to achieve by using real-world, real-life stories and examples.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions, comments, or would like collaboration on monthly article topic selection.

We look forward to your articles!

Thank you,

Roseann Vanella
Publisher & Co Founder, FamilyAffaires.com
[email protected]