Mediation: It’s Your Decision. It’s Your Future


by Roseann Vanella~
You’re at a turning point.

Life is changing – and not necessarily by choice. You’re going through a divorce or a family dispute that involves a loved one. Everything you once took for granted is now uncertain. Now you’re facing turmoil with family members, and the possibility of bulging legal fees and endless hours in court.

Good news: You can take control of this situation. And mediation is the answer.

Mediation works with all parties to form an agreement that serves everyone. The process can move along quickly and effectively, and at a much lower cost than going through attorneys.

Mediation is always a better option, especially when children are involved. Even high-conflict situations can be resolved through mediation. Sparring attorneys and judges often lead to excruciating court battles, devastating legal fees and – worst of all – a lifetime of bitterness and broken relationships.

Avoid all that.  With mediation, you determine the outcome. Remember, the goal is to move on with your life and arrive at an agreement you can live with.

You might not have made all the choices that brought you to this point, but mediation can help you make them now.

It’s your decision. It’s your future.

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About Roseann Vanella

Our Family Expert, Roseann Vanella has spent a lifetime witnessing many families in transition on both a professional and personal level. She is a Professional Family/Divorce Mediator who clearly understands the impact on families going through life changes. She lives her passion through supporting & educating families through her work as a Professional Mediator, previous Radio Show Host and through building the community.

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