Memory Loss! Is it ADHD, Menopause….?


Or Normal Stuff?

Where Did I Put My Keys?

Memory Loss: That feeling of frustration rushes over me again. Harried, I arrived home from a weekend of entertaining company to take my mom to the dentist. After lunch on the fly, I realize I cannot remember where I put the key and the phone.

Finally at my destination with Mom, which is no easy feat since I always need to search for her at her assisted living, I engage in conversation and forget the most mundane facts. Eventually, the information I wanted drifted back into my consciousness.

I do not have ADHD, but right now, I think I am experiencing what it must feel like! A recent New York Times article indicates that women in menopause can experience ADHD-like symptoms. Perhaps I may feel this way because I became an empty nester two weeks ago and I grew my to-do list even more.

True, I am not worrying about my kids day to day. However, the call from California from my daughter telling us she was under the weather and a bit shaken up from hearing a neighbor’s screams during the earthquake certainly gave me an uneasy feeling.

To add to the excitement, my niece is getting married next weekend. I am caring for Mom and preparing my home for company following much fix up work that was done in the last two weeks. Ok, I need a deep breath just watching myself write this!

No wonder I’m feeling a brain drain. Loosing your memory is not fun. I watch my Mom as her short-term memory becomes more and more challenged. What about my own? What can I do about this situation, I ask myself.

I paused my writing to take a quick nap at 7pm…I did not wake up until 11:15pm! That’s it. Sleep was one of the missing elements. What else can I do?

I am looking at my list: client at 10am…wedding agenda for my daughter Rachel’s wedding in December…etc. I am blocking out my time on the calendar and putting in some time for me to exercise, read and relax. It is a well-documented fact that our brains need rest, physical exercise and mental stimulation. All of these reduce stress and that helps our whole being allowing us to become more mentally and physically present.

So what else can I do to get myself back on track, I wonder? I know I have been away from the yoga mat too long as well…the arrival of orthotics will enable me to return to yoga. In the meantime, I will continue to ramp up the swimming and walking. I feel better just thinking about my plan.

This month, part of my plan was to blog about finances and ADHD…I realized that my mind really needed refocusing, rest and a clearer roadmap to re-engage in the subject matter. There are times in life that we all need refocusing. A client was experiencing extreme stress in her daily life just having to live in an environment that felt uncomfortable for her. Each time she created a step to move herself forward in her career, her efforts seemed to dissolve.

After many failed attempts at accomplishing her goals and an illness, she realized that in order to accomplish any of her goals she must create personal space in her life. Her immediate priorities became exercise and finding a new living space even though she had moved too many times. She also has a tight budget that makes it difficult to find what she wants. In her own place, she knows she will have the opportunity to lift the smoky veil of continual environmental stress and create her new roadmap.

She acknowledged that her life is not complete at a beautiful, fit, fifty-five years old. There was more to life than just her adult children and grandchildren. As I continue to order my own life, I decided to frame my children’s diplomas and unframed portraits neglected for so many years.

While chatting with the artist at the frame store who acknowledged she had ADD, we talked about pursuing what we are passionate about. I mentioned that with ADD, one engages more with pursuits that fulfill their passion. When I called her the next day to put a deposit on my framing, she said our conversation inspired her to finally enroll in beauty school!

Take time to refocus your life. When you make space for life balance and pursue your passions, then you will find your keys.

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  1. Eileen

    Giving people in crises a road map is an excellent way to help them see the path forward. And encouraging those first few steps can encourage needed change. Great blog!


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