New Year UN Resolution

new year resolution

Did you come up for air yet? Have you just taken what seems like your first breath since the day before Thanksgiving? Or are you still going at warp speed from the holiday rush? Still in hyper mode from all the cleaning, shopping, decorating, baking, cooking, visiting, and dealing with emotional holiday stressors?

And now you want to hit 2018 hard and add yet more to the overwhelmed plate that you barely juggled recently?

STOP!!!! Yes, just stop! Is this the year that you will stop, and make a resolution to not make a resolution for the New Year?

I know you sense all the “new energy” around you and the momentum of the masses is high. Collective motivation is enticing to make changes, big and small, and it’s easy to get swept up in that tide.

Again, I say STOP!!

How about a different approach? How about not making any changes at all and just be at peace with where you are, how you are, and what you do at present. Admit it, you know that each and every day you are doing and trying your best. And admit it even further that some days your best is a better best than other bests on other days. So how about instead of doing better, you just do as you are doing and have been doing. No fuss, no additional strains. Just relish that you are doing your best, and now without changes, allow yourself to just be your best, whatever and however that is at present.

Give the same advice to yourself that you would give your best friend- you are doing your best and you are enough and you are doing enough. There, doesn’t that feel better? Doesn’t that feel like a breath of much needed fresh air for you?

I decided to do just that this year. Not challenging myself to do more or be more , just to say I’m going to allow the “lopsided balance” of my current life be okay as it currently is. My Life and I are not perfect and never will be. There will always be room for improvement, in all areas. But I am going to “gift” myself with a breather, a time of peace-filled , grace-filled, pat on my own back days, knowing that I can make a resolution any time in the future that I chose to do so. But right now, even if this lasts all year, no resolutions for more, better, upping my game. I am going to allow my life to unfold a bit, be more present in my own life, and just maintain the level and effort that is already on autopilot in my life.

I know when a new seed falls to the ground, it is allowed to rest and germinate, it soaks up nutrients in the soil, allows the rain and sun with no protest, and then blooms as it should and can. I think this year I will follow this natural way of growth from seed to blossom. I will take some time to rest a bit, soak up that which nourishes my soul, and blossom at my best as it becomes my season to do so.

Should you chose to follow this suggestion, I applaud you. Should you chose to make resolutions and follow them, I applaud you also. The operative word here is “choice” and either is admirable if it honors how you truly feel and what you truly need.

Whatever your choice, wishing you health, all the best in 2018, and always living your best life.

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