is a community of women and men who believe in the power of inspiration. The power of storytelling. We come from all walks of life, from different socioeconomic situations, but we have this in common: We are writers and readers. We are communicators and connectors. We want to move the ball forward in our own lives. In our homes, in our relationships, in our communities, in our businesses, in our government. We are about elevating each other and we do that by sharing our own personal stories or by sharing the stories of those who have ignited our lives.

We are Architects of Change: individuals who see a problem and instead of waiting for others to solve it, challenge ourselves to come up with a solution. We believe that each person has a story within them that can inspire another. We believe these stories can ignite change and create impact. Here you will find Things That Move You Forward: tips for transforming and inspiring your life; tools for leading a healthy life — mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually. You will be moved by empowering tales from the front lines of the lives of millions who caretake or are living with Alzheimer’s. You will find practical takeaways to inspire you and share with your friends.

We invite you to join this community of Architects of Change — or as one friend calls us, “The M Team.” We invite you to join the M Team. Tell me your inspiring story and I’ll publish it on Then #PassItOn. Tell a friend and inspire them to become and Architect of Change. Our mission is to be the go-to destination for Things That Move You Forward in your life.


split logoSPLIT is a deeply personal 30-minute film made in collaboration with twelve amazing children ages 6-12 years old. It explores the inner world of kids as they find their way through the often frightening and always life-altering separation of their parents. Take a peek!


Jewish Sacred AgingJewish Sacred Aging is a forum for the Jewish Community with resources and texts that feature discussions on the implications of the revolution in longevity for Baby Boomers and their families. We encourage you to participate in the conversation!




BAYADA Pediatric Nurses have extensive disease and age-specific training with children, from newborns to adolescents. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are committed to providing quality, compassionate care for children, both at home and at school. Our pediatric registered nurses and licensed practical nurses provide a range of services, from short-term recovery care to ongoing nursing care and complex tracheostomy and ventilator care. Many of our pediatric nurses have additional expertise in certain age groups and disease categories, such as neurological or respiratory conditions. Having nursing in the home allows a child to remain at home with their family and participate fully in the community.


The mission of Pathways to Housing PA is to transform individual lives by ending homelessness and supporting recovery for people with disabilities. Housing First – As Simple as it is Revolutionary