Retirement, Planning for the Total Picture

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Your Inner and Outer Resources

There is a wry saying that one can “never be too thin or too rich”.

These each have in common that as long as measures of success are outward, there can never be enough of either.

In contrast, when a person measures their physical size or amount of money, according to whether it suits their identity and therefore reflects a feeling of inner contentment, the definition of the goal becomes much more within reach.

Managing your money and saving for the years in your life when your age will tire you from long work days, or your health starts requiring the prominent place in your overall life scheme, is sensible.

Alongside planning for how to sustain your financial stability in retirement, consider the points below so that when you reach the time when your everyday work life routines decrease, the financial plans you made will fit the person you are.

Know your Self other than who you are as a Professional or Worker

Throughout your work life, stay aware of your values, involved in your relationships, and your unique ways of living these.

If simultaneously you are developing your money and your life, you will be giving yourself the best chance of a balanced older age.

Trust your Self to find both the Money and Happiness You Need

If you are living responsibly and realistically, then you will somehow find your way, both in terms of having adequate money for your life needs, and a happy life quality in retirement .

Fear of trusting one’s own ability to make decisions often results in anxiety which may lead to trusting someone who may have their own, not your, best interest in mind.

Understand Your Money Values

Be sure your financial goals for retirement are for the clear purpose of your living expenses. Sometimes people use money to win love or recognition, or worse, to bribe, rescue, control, or trick others.

Nurture and invest your Self, not your money, in your relationships and friendships. This way you’ll have healthy development in all three areas.


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