Rise in Pet as Therapy for Mental Conditions

Pet Therapy

We have often heard how pets can be great companions for our elders, children and just a great addition to the family.  They offer us unconditional love and for some of us, they give us purpose.    Now it has been found that pets can help people with mental and medical  conditions.  This article just posted in the WallStreet Journal is definitely worth the read.

” Animals increasingly are being used to assist patients with mental disorders, as evidence grows that they can help people with autism, PTSD and other conditions function in their everyday lives.  The assistants are usually dogs but sometimes can include miniature horses, chinchillas or other animals.” Continue Reading

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One thought on “Rise in Pet as Therapy for Mental Conditions

  1. Erica

    Thank you for shining a light on using animals as a form of therapy for people with disability. I have Autism and have all my pets certified as emotional support & therapy dogs ever since Hurricane Sandy hit last year and had no choice but to move for quiet sometime to rebuild. They have been instrumental in my progress to get back to routine after a year of uncertainty


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