Scheduling Summer into your School Year

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Are you and your kids enjoying the playfulness and slower pace of summer living?

Do you feel lighter and more rested, your kids seem more relaxed, and everyone in your family is more energetic and creative than when the rigorous expectations of school and after school activities are happening?

Do you notice more enthusiasm and cooperation among family members during summer than during the school year?

What if you found a way to bring the distinctively relaxed mood of summer that encourages a happier, more spontaneous and less stressed sensibility, into your School Year?

August is the ideal time for families’ reviewing what activities during the past school  year, were worth the effort, time, and expense of committing to them.

Consider these guideline questions for when you have this discussion with your kids and adult family members who would be affected by these choices.

1.  Are all family members’ expected academic year schedules, including the adults, part of planning the necessary time commitment for after school activities?  Knowing this answer is useful when deciding the number of activities that will be manageable instead of exhausting.

2.   How will the family maintain its sense of balance between each members’ responsibilities toward the  family as a unit, with their individual involvements that each person expects having outside the family system?

3.   Discuss and define your family’s beliefs in what you feel is the major purpose of school, any particular after school lessons and interests, and having time together for one another as family.

In addition to clarifying what you and your kids value about education, sports, music lessons, language lessons, volunteer work, you will also be strengthening your family unit by distinguishing its uniqueness among all families in your community.

Taking time to know what you care about and to define your priority areas, are intrinsically valuable lifetime habits that will be with your kids much longer than their school years and various after school programs of this time period.





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