Sometimes Your Minor Health Problem Is A Minor Health Problem


This is not always obvious because our business model healthcare system means every ailment you present means potential business for the medical group or hospital system which cares for your health.

The benefit to the patient of our “diagnostics means dollars” medical system, is you will be tested with extraordinary thoroughness based on diagnostic flow charts.

If your insurance pays for highly sophisticated tests, there is a higher chance you will be warned of potential yet unlikely health problems and feel insecure and anxious enough to accept the recommendations.
The medical experts who have decades of education and clinical skill, instead of practicing their professional abilities and judgment, are expected to conform to the business model to produce revenue for the hospital system which employs them.

How does someone make a wise decision whether to follow the recommended medical protocol for extensive testing, or not?

Sometimes a minor health problem is simply a minor health problem.

Just as physicians and clinical healthcare practitioners had to adjust their clinical authority being controlled by managers of healthcare systems, patients have certain points to adjust in order to maximally benefit from our for profit healthcare world.

A physician once would be professionally familiar with you, your life, medical history and idiosyncrasies, and have clinical freedom to decide whether and how to test and treat a patient.

Now, people are examined as though by quality control inspectors who type your reported symptoms into a computer program and follow the diagnostic steps to your care which this program recommends.
Keep the possibility in mind that your unique human body may not sync with the physician’s statistics of overall population sectors.

Give yourself the choice to trust your intuition as to what, when, and how  to follow the statistical results and how many tests to take.

Whether you’d like to watch and wait, strictly follow your doctor’s advice, utilize alternative care practitioners, is in your hands.

Just because the system no longer relies on the trust of the doctor/patient relationship and is largely directed by how much money is made, doesn’t mean each of us must drop our awareness of our physical body’s uniqueness or give up our responsibility to ourselves of guiding how we utilize professionals who care for our health.

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