Stigmas of an Autistic Woman

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While I am blessed to be a Autistic Woman, I also find myself having to educate people on misconceptions that surrounds women on the spectrum. While there are plenty out there here are the ones I find most comical.

1) You can’t be Autistic you are not a boy. Why thank you for pointing out the obvious I realized that decades ago! Autism knows no gender or ethnic background. We might be a smaller group but we are certainly out there!

2) You don’t have Autism your an adult. My personal favorite one! First off unless  your Peter-Pan, the last time I checked, children with Autism grow up to be adults with Autism. Unlike the chicken pox which actually is a child’s illness ASD is a lifelong disorder that symptoms differ for each case.

3) You mean your retarded? No! Mental Retardation and Autism are two completely different disorders. Individuals with MR have a below average IQ and limitations in Cognitive functioning. Individuals with Autism generally have normal to above normal IQ levels with deficits in socialization when interacting work others.

4) Why didn’t you tell me you have a disease? I didn’t tell you because the fact is, I don’t have a disease I have a disorder. A disease is a specified illness brought on by bacterial or viral exposures. A disorder is  an abnormality in functioning of a person usually brought on by genetic factor.

5) Your just antisocial. I am not antisocial. I just have to gain a comfort level and trust with someone before I can open up. Also there are times when I want to say something but physically can not do so for reasons that are still unknown to me.

6) How are you in a relationship if your autistic? Easy, the same way neurotypicals are! You meet someone your interested in, you go out on a date and then decide if their worth pursuing or not.

7) What do you mean your fully employed? I mean I get up Monday through Friday and do the 8-4 in my case. I may have Autism but I am very capable of employment and being a productive member of society. Also many with autism can work in jobs which highlights one or all of their skills.

8) Are you like a female Rain Man? No my friend that is a stereotype and very rare few (neurotypical’s too) have that mental ability to recall facts and information at a moments notice.

9) You’re having a hissy fit for attention. Wrong again! A person having a tantrum is looking for attention of acknowledgment for ones bad behavior. During a meltdown there is a total loss of behavior and care as to how others react to them. Also tantrums are planned events where meltdowns can happen at any given time.

10) But you are so fashionable and well put together.

Thanks you! I had no idea ones fashion style was used as an indicator for determining Autism! As women  we are trained by society to keep up with the styles of the time as a way to fit in. Autism women are no different!

Thank you for reading!

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In my life I have been able to accomplish great things despite the obstacles I have overcome. When I was 17 years old I was first diagnosed with Autism. I share my life challenges and triumphs by blogging. Follow me A Girls Life on the Autism Spectrum. I promise to make you laugh more than cry!

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