“Still Alice”-Movie About One Woman’s Struggle Through Early Alzheimer’s


“Still Alice” opens nationwide Friday, January 16, but viewers are getting an extra sneak peak in a new exclusive clip released by Sony Pictures Classic Thursday.

In the scene, Julianne Moore, who has already received major awards attention for her portrayal of the title role of Alice, tries to discuss her early-onset Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis with her husband, played by Alec Baldwin. He has a hard time accepting it.

Watch the clip below and tell us what you think of Moore’s performance.


And then watch Maria Shriver’s sit-down interviews with Moore, Kristen Stewart and the woman who served as Moore’s real-life inspiration for the role: Sandy Oltz, who has early-onset Alzheimer’s.

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[Watch: Meet Julianne Moore’s Real-Life Inspiration Behind Her ‘Still Alice’ Role]

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