Taking Time to Breathe


Do you often feel like a hamster on a wheel? Running, running, running and never getting anywhere?

Do you set a list for yourself and decide it will enough when I complete, this, this and this. But then find out that it’s not enough?

Have you ever said, I’ll be happy when…………….

  • I get married
  • Have a baby
  • Lose 20lbs

but that day never comes?

FamilyAffaires.com Contributor, Joanna Kleinman, LCSW talks about how to stay in the present and enjoy every moment we are living instead of constantly striving for the next thing to make us happy. What we experience is not uncommon but there is a way to break the cycle and live a more happy & fulfilled life.

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About Joanna Kleinman

Joanna is a psychotherapist in private-practice for over 20 years, Corporate and Life Coach, Author, national motivational speaker, and founder of The Center For Extraordinary Relationships. She created the nationally acclaimed workshop series Dethroning Your Inner Critic, and is one of the top workshop experts for Campowerment, a women’s empowerment company featured on The TODAY Show and in Oprah Magazine.

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